Baby Asha: How You Can Support Her


Published in the Independent Australia, 26th February 2016:

Baby Asha: How you can support her


Empathy can kindle the flames of compassion, but we require someone to thoughtfully and dispassionately fan those flames in the right direction. Left to our own devices in a third-world country, we would disproportionately give to an individual. Charities use an individual’s face to invoke emotion and concern, but they distribute funds in a less biased and parochial manner.

We can use passionate empathy, however irrational and biased it may be, in a thoughtful way. Protesters can provide humanistic fuel to an organisation that stand for what they believe in, but can implement change in a measured and strategic fashion. Just as a charity distributes money in a way an individual could not, organisation such as UNHCR and the Refugee Council of Australia can distribute the good intentions of protesters in a meaningful way. With Asha in mind, support one of these organisations.”

– Steve Stankevicius

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